How to apply concealer Like a Professional Makeup Artist

The foundation provides even tone but not enough capable of  hiding your pimple, mole, dark circle and scars. Using concealer, you can get clear skin and makes your tired face brighter. The main purpose of using the concealer is to reduce the darkness which occurs under the eyes and for highlighting some areas of the face like cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin in order to hide all the matter of imperfection.  

How to Choose and Use Concealer

Most of the people use concealer every day and it is one of the reliable things in their make-up bags for hiding the troublesome skin. You can get it in various shades and varieties such as liquid, cream and powder. It is important to learn a few simple techniques to get a beautiful finish and here you can get more details about the way to apply the concealer like a professional makeup artist.

Choose the Shade:

The different tones are available in the wonderful world of concealer select the neutral shade for dark spots and the lighter tone for highlighting some areas. It is important to select the shade of the concealer based on the skin pigment and try to use the color wheel to identify the correct shade.

If you are using concealer for under eye circles or scars, then choose the one which is lighter than your natural color and don’t get too light shade because it will create a different complexion. Each concealer is for different purpose like green for reducing redness, orange for covering dark spots and yellow for brightening the face.

Choose the Right Type of concealer:

If you want to create the light finish, then liquid concealer provides a good result and it will not block the pores of your skin. Try to choose the solid concealer like cream or stick for covering the small areas and it is easier to apply over the blemish or dark spots.

Prepare Your Face for Applying Concealer:

Wash your face with the cleanser and apply a moisturizer before using the concealer. If any dark patches are present around the eyes due to the result of some old eyeliner or mascara, then clean it using the makeup remover.

Under eyes:

The first step in the makeup application is using the concealer and it should start from covering the under eye circle. Take the little amount of concealer and apply it in the shape of upside down triangle which points down your cheek, then blend the concealer around the eyes using the fingertips or brush to get the natural look.  

Acne and Spots:

Now cover all the dark spots, scars or birthmarks by applying the concealer on the top of that area you want to hide and then blend it softly. Don’t use your fingertips to apply over a pimple because it may spread the bacteria and try to use a clean brush.

Set Your Concealer:

After covering all the marks with the concealer, apply your foundation over the top to get the even tone. Choose the liquid or cream foundation based upon your preference and add a layer to your face using the makeup brush. Finally, add the translucent powder for setting your makeup for many hours.

The Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea about applying the concealer over the dark spots, blemishes, scars etc. Try to follow the above steps to achieve the extraordinary look and share us your experience. Having any queries on the topic “How to apply concealer Like a Professional Makeup Artist” are welcome.

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