Best Concealer For Blemishes Review

One among the many reasons of having an uneven skin tone is the occurrence of blemishes. Even though it takes some time to cure it completely, using the best concealer for blemishes can cover up the scars temporarily.

best concealer for blemishes

While shopping for the best concealer to clear up your blemish, it is most important to look for the high pigmented formula included in the concealer products for high coverage.

List Of The Best Concealer For Blemishes

Due to the wide variety of the blemishes concealer found in the today’s market, it is difficult to choose the best one among all. In order to tackle this situation, I have mentioned the top rated best concealer brands to make a smart and quick decision in choosing the best one.

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
neutrogena-skinclearingNeutrogena Fair 05 Blemish ConcealerNo Clog Pores$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
desert-essenceDesert Essence Blemish Concealer DarkRestore Glowing Skin$4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
baremineralsBare Minerals Blemish ConcealerReduce Excess Oil$4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
rimmel-hideRimmel Blemish Hiding ConcealerConvenient To Apply$4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
maybelline-newMaybelline New York Blemish ConcealerNo Irritations$4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Neutrogena Fair 05 Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer, 0.05 Ounce

This Neutrogena blemish concealer is equipped with a micro clear technology, to reduce the outlook of the blemishes permanently within a short duration of time. This non-comedogenic formula provides an easy smooth application and natural beauty looks on the skin.

The salicylic acid added in the formula helps to treat and eliminate the blemishes thereby, helps to prevent the pimples. The double duty concealer helps to reduce the dark visibility of the blemishes and it also helps to improve your skin tone. Also, this concealer does not clog any pores or irritate your face.

Neutrogena Fair 05 Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer, 0.05 Ounce

Key Features – non-comedogenic, micro clear technology, double duty concealer.

Pros – easy to apply, no clog pores, reduce blemish, no irritations.

Desert Essence 0.33 Ounce Blemish Touch Stick Concealer Dark

The Desert Essence blemish concealer works great in reducing the redness caused by the blemish formation. It makes use of the tea tree oil for soothing the redness and helps to make the acne invisible.This touch stick blemish concealer hides all your blemishes by blending deep through the skin and provide an even tone without a blemish outlook. Also, it does not dehydrate the skin.

Desert Essence 0.33 Ounce Blemish Touch Stick Concealer Dark

Key Features – oil free concealer, acne invisibility, touch stick.

Pros – restore glowing skin, blemish controller, remove imperfection.

Bare Minerals 0.06 Ounce Blemish Concealer

The bare minerals blemish concealer provides a full coverage with a creamy consistency and covers up all the blemish in your skin.  It includes the aspen bark, tea tree oil, and the peptide complex, which  promote the outlook with a healthy glowing skin.

This blemish concealer is designed as a twist type of adjusting pencil and sharpener to offer a mess-free application and perfect makeup coverage at any time. This specialized blemish controlling concealer helps to reduce the excess oil secretion and it provides the shiny glow over the skin.

best concealer for blemishes

Bare Minerals 0.06 Ounce Blemish Concealer

Key Features – Creamy consistency, stick design, mess-free application.

Pros – reduce excess oil, healthy glowing skin, blemish controller.

Rimmel Blemish Hiding Concealer

The Rimmel blemish concealer hides the blemishes out from the user’s face. With the use of this convenient sturdy Rimmel blemish hiding concealer, you can get the complexion of a smooth and even makeup appearance.This creamy consistency stick concealer helps to blend all the skin imperfection within a short duration of time.

It is specially made to cover up all the marks made by the blemishes and other skin factors such as the acne, pimples, and dark circles, permanently. It is designed with a twisting shaped packing, to enable the accurate concentrate of concealer to drop out from the concealer nozzle. This Rimmel blemish concealer gives an excellent moisturizing effect over all kind of skin types. Check this youtube video for more reviews about this concealer.

Rimmel Blemish Hiding Concealer

Key Features – sturdy stick design, lipstick twisting, even tone makeup.

Pros – convenient to apply, excellent moisturizer, easy dropout.

Maybelline New York 0.16 Ounce Cover Stick Blemish Concealer

The Maybelline New York blemish concealer helps to conceal the imperfection in the skin tone by providing the user with a color correcting option shades. This blemish concealer withstands the water, direct sun exposure, and other kinds of dust pollutants. This Maybelline New York blemish concealer comes in a stick shape design to attain the instant glowing skin type without any blemishes.

It lasts for a long time without causing any clog in the pores and irritations. This fair concealer cream provides the user with the natural-looking skin coverage and fades out all your blemishes, uneven tone, and dark circles. This smooth gliding concealer cream perfectly blends with the skin to offer a flawless natural outlook.

Maybelline New York 0.16 Ounce Cover Stick Blemish Concealer

Key Features – fair concealer, smooth gliding cream, clogging pores.

Pros – flawless natural look, no irritations, glowing skin.

Bottom Line..

Make a try over the above listed best blemish concealer products to satisfy your makeup needs. I do hope that this reviewed article about the best concealer for blemishes helps you to make a smart move for buying the best one. If this article is useful to you, then do share your experience and idea in the comment box below.


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