Tips to Prevent Your Concealer from Creasing

We do everything to achieve the beautiful look and using the concealer, you can hide all the marks or dark spots on your face. If you apply the concealer like the beauty cream, then the whole look will get spoiled, so it is important to learn how to apply the concealer to get the flawless skin.

It is very tedious to find the right shade of the concealer based upon the color of your skin if you choose the best one for you.

Top 7 Tips to Prevent Your Concealer from Creasing

The concealer with the reflective formula is used to hide dark circle and the highly pigmented formula is for hiding the bothersome marks. Choose the concealer based upon your need but make sure the shade matches the skin, if it is not suitable, then it will create a white cast.

The color of the powder should match your skin tone, apply a layer of the concealer to set the makeup without making it dull. If you get the best quality concealer and apply it in a wrong procedure, then the caking or creasing of the concealer makes you look older. Read this article, to get important tips to apply crease free concealer.

1) Hydrate Your Skin:

This is the first step to avoid the concealer creasing problem because it is important to hydrate your skin for reducing the appearance of the fine lines. Try to use the moisturizer before going to the bed and you can see the highly moisturized skin in the morning.

Apply the under eye moisturizer in the morning and allow some time to dry in order to achieve the best result. Before applying the moisturizer, wash your face with the mild cleanser and use the toner to remove the makeup.

2) Use Two Primers:

Apply the creamy primer which helps makeup stick to the skin and then use a silky consistency primer for avoiding the product to settle down into the fine lines or pores. To stay hydrated throughout the day add a little amount of argon oil to the primer and mix it well to get a creamy primer. Now use the primer under your eyes for creating the smooth surface to reduce the caking problem.

3) Use Proper Tools:

The brush is one of the important tools to apply over your makeup and everyone will have at least one brush in their makeup kit. Take your favorite brush and apply some power over the face to remove the excess products. Using the brush, gently press under the eye to adjust the makeup and it allows the product to set into the skin for the beautiful look.

4) Protective Barrier between Your Creamy Concealer and Powder

Once you apply the creamy concealer on your face it will give a flawless skin but if you apply the layer of highlight power over the top of the concealer, it will create patches so apply some white or translucent powder for avoiding such problems so that it will stick to the concealer easily.

5) Blot with a Tissue:

After applying the concealer, primer or foundation take a tissue and press it over the face to remove the oil from the product which creates the uneven tone. The tissues work effectively in adjusting the makeup and it will not change the shade of the product. Moreover, it prevents the creamy or liquid concealer from creasy and helps you to provide a perfect makeup you want.

6) Reapply the Cream:

If you use the concealer, after some it will definitely become creasy or cakey especially around the corners. The best method to avoid this situation is to reapply your cream particularly under the eyes after some time and redistribute the product using your fingertips. It will give you a fresh and natural look throughout the day.

7) Change Your Concealer:

Many people use the same concealer tube for many years usually, everyone uses a very little amount of product for using it when compared to the foundation or other beauty creams. If you choose the best formula but using for the long period of time creates some problems like caking, darkening and it will not blend into your skin.

Sometimes the color of the concealer changes and does not match with your skin tones if so it’s time to get a new tube. If you opened the product, then don’t use the same for more than one year.

Bottom Line

Hope you follow the above tips to get the realistic look after using the concealer and to avoid the creasing or caking issue forever.

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